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tv   The Briefing  BBC News  January 26, 2018 5:45am-6:01am GMT

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with a warning from the uk's defence secretary that russia could cause mass casualties by crippling crucial energy supplies. gavin williamson said that moscow had been researching britain's critical infrastructure and how it connected to continental power supplies. the times is reporting us president donald trump's visit to the uk later this year has now been confirmed. it's believed that mr trump will come to britain this summer for a working visit likely to include a meeting with the queen. the independent‘s business pages look a comments made byjpmorgan‘s chief executive, jamie dimon, who said the investment bank may have to cut more than 4,000 uk jobs if britain doesn't secure a brexit deal which is close to the status quo. the guardian is focusing on american jobs and asks whether the working class are truly benefiting from president trump's economic agenda. the paper writes that the republican party is currently rolling back much of the legislation previously aimed at protecting american workers.
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and finally, ndtv sports shining a light on rising cricket star, rashid khan. the 19—year—old afghani prodigy has travelled from the quiet streets of nangra har province in afghanistan, to bagging a $1 million contract in the indian premier league. let's begin. with me is kulveer ranger, who's vice president strategy and communication at atos. very good to have you here. hello, david. we are kicking off a the daily telegraph story, notjust david. we are kicking off a the daily telegraph story, not just such a dramatic headline. it is, well he has given the interview to the daily telegraph. gavin williamson, who is a bit ofa telegraph. gavin williamson, who is a bit of a politician on the rise here in the united kingdom. he was chief whip to the prime minister. he became the health secretary about six months ago, before that. he is seen as six months ago, before that. he is seen as a six months ago, before that. he is seen as a future leader of the conservative party in the united
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kingdom, but there are several elements to this story because this is the kicking off of a five—month review for the armed forces of the united kingdom and when that happens, before you get to the cricket, it have to expect the health secretary to come out to bat for the armed forces. there's been a lot commentary from people this week within the armed forces in the uk about where the threats are coming from and why funding is required for armed forces and what kind of funding. yeah, we have heard a lot from the military themselves in the last few weeks, whether it is about people can indications that they might break into, different route. but this too, you look at the headline, russia is ready to kill us by the thousands. most people are going to go really? i also say it really because it was not for president trump and davos and other things, this might have got even more exposed. it was quite sharp intervention by the defence
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secretary, but now let's look at russia. we have seen over a period of time up change in russia's foreign policy, its interventions, we all know about crimea, the annexation of it, and yes, president putin has been playing quite a long, strategic game we does seem to be more aggressive. there is an attempt to buy russia, that can't be denied, because it seems to be that there is a huge amount of evidence of international interference of not the direct military kind, but as they said in this piece, things are run cyber security and critical national infrastructure. when we talk about the way that energy comes in two countries and britain has underwater cables, power lines, and other things that could be disrupted and caused civil unrest and debts if they were interfered with. so a lot going on in this particular story, as well as her funding going on in this particular story, as well as herfunding on going on in this particular story, as well as her funding on the political side of it. yeah, and as
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you point out, that case being built on the notion that the russians are monitoring and looking at much about infrastructure and what we are doing there. let's move on now to the times story, will he, won't he? it has been going on forever now. donald trump coming to the uk, yes, yea rs. donald trump coming to the uk, yes, years. i spoke a while ago to the us ambassador in london, saying that yes, he is, and it sounds as if it will happen now. yesterday, theresa may and donald trump had a conversation about a number of things. he did not come to open the new us embassy in the uk recently for a number of reasons, he said that he was not happy with that is one thing. there seems to be a love bomb mission going on by donald trump in davos at the moment, he is proclaiming peace, love and goodwill very sort of 1970s style to everyone at the moment. he is sharing how
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much love he has for the united kingdom, it sounds like this will not be a state visit, it will be more like a working visit, a kind of working lunch. with the queen involved. with the queen involved. 0ne involved. with the queen involved. one of those deciding, negotiating factors. yes. i guess the details will be worked out but it does seem that it would happen around july because president trump is due to visit a nato summit in brussels around that time, the timing seems to be right and let's hope that the mood music stays the same as well. let's ta ke mood music stays the same as well. let's take a look atjamie dimon's comments, you have been picked up by the independent‘s business pages. he has said that 15,000 british jobs could go if brexit is the wrong deal for the could go if brexit is the wrong deal forthe uk, could go if brexit is the wrong deal for the uk, that is a story in itself. let's just start with that. it is, and the negotiations are
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going into the second half with brexit, shall we say? the negotiations between the eu and britain, as we know it. the bankers, we are not all fans of the bankers, they are exerting real pressure year about what they want to see, reciprocal agreements between britain and the eu to maintain the status quo. but this is once again the anxiety that has come back about the anxiety that has come back about the uncertainty of not knowing the direction, it isn't it? we had the chancellor of the exchequer saying in davos, it will be very minor changes, which has upset many members of the conservative party who want brexit and it leaves theresa may sort of dangling. who want brexit and it leaves theresa may sort of danglingm does, but before we get to the politics of it, business is not like uncertainty but bankers are making a lot of money on uncertainty, i'm speculating on the markets. just because it is out of their control, does not always mean, they can't a lwa ys does not always mean, they can't always have their own way. i take a different view here, jp morgan,
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goldman sachs, the threats ofjobs moving, there is a political and national interest that is happening here, and yes, you can have a view. phillip hammond has said in a speech that he will make sure that financial services are part of the overall agreement because we are a global centre for financial services in united kingdom. ijust want to say thatjp morgan and all those bankers should get back in their boxes for a second, a brexit on your terms is ok but not on anyone else's. a fair point. donald trump, what he has to say here in the guardian. tax cuts have led to a lot of money being handed down to workers as bonuses, et cetera, which sounds like a good thing. the article he is also trying to say that they are also rolling back on worker's writes. is that a fair thing? donald trump, whatever we think of him, there are millions
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morejobs in the think of him, there are millions more jobs in the economy as a result of the tax cuts, which are working their way down to the workers. -- workers' rights. this is trump economics in action and it is really working. now, there has been some i’ow working. now, there has been some row back on workers' rights, i believe there is an organisation could be good jobs policy group, who look at what happens, and they are highlighting that job security look at what happens, and they are highlighting thatjob security may be threatened. but really, the other things that are being looked at abound increasing employment for 16 and 17 —year—olds in variousjob markets. so, at the moment, trump seems to be delivering. there does need to be a watch in brief... that isa need to be a watch in brief... that is a difficult argument, when jobs
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are being created in abundant numbers. here is someone who has a difficultjob. i know you are very keen on cricket, the ipl is a massive deal but here is one afghan teenager who is really getting in honours, young rashid khan. rashid khan, who made his debut at 19. he has played in the ipl —— signed a contract in the ipl of cricket for over $1 million. this is the future of cricket, young man who can basically ply his trade around the world will ipl franchises, he has already played for six franchises and these 18 years old. we are going to leave it there, we have got to go. thank you for watching. thanks for watching the briefing. hello. friday will be the coldest
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day of the week, but with lighter winds, but most of us seeing some sunshine at some stage of the day. 0ur perception may well be, as we are in between weather systems with lots of dry weather, it's the most pleasant weather day of the week, but weather fronts are coming in for the weekend, as we will show you in a moment. this is how it looks for early risers. a few showers dotted about through parts of england and wales. and cold enough for a touch of frost where you've been clear for any period of time overnight, particularly across parts of scotland, into northern ireland and maybe north—west england, and some spots in wales as well. a few fog patches into northern ireland to begin the day will take a few hours to clear. and as i mentioned, a few showers dotted about, particularly through central and eastern parts of england. very hit and miss. by no means everybody will catch one, but be aware that's a possibility first thing in the morning. we're more likely to be seeing some sunny spells once the sun is up into wales and south—west england. some spots will be around four or five degrees for 8 o'clock in the morning.
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not going to get too much higher during the day, but as you can see, there's a fair amount of sunshine around. though, even though the showers are going to clear away from central and eastern parts of england, some of us here will have more cloud compared with thursday. but even here, a few sunny spells coming through into the afternoon. fairly light winds and, as you see, temperatures top at around four or five degrees in scotland. 7—9 degrees the mildest parts of northern ireland, england and wales. going into the evening, though, the breeze starts to pick up and we get some outbreaks of rain running into northern ireland and western scotland, and that starts to push a little bit further east as we go on through friday night and into saturday morning. which means as saturday begins, a lot of those temperatures will be down the eastern side of the uk. and here, where we have been clear for any period of time, initially on friday night, there could well be a touch of frost developing. here is the big picture going into the weekend. 0ur weather fronts are coming in. as you can see, initially through western parts, with some heavier bursts as the day begins. and it all starts to move eastwards.
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so even where you are starting the day, east anglia, south—east england, perhaps teased with some early sunshine, some outbreaks of rain moving into the afternoon, but light, quite patchy here. elsewhere, brightening up a bit as the afternoon goes on, once that rain has cleared away. further showers coming into northern scotland. it's a milder day but it's a windier day, and the wind picks up even further on saturday night and into the first part of sunday across the far north. into the shetland isles, there could be some severe gales for a time. but the main story for the weekend will be the mild air in place, still with us on sunday. still though with a lot of cloud on sunday, patchy rain and drizzle across western parts and heavier rain in north—west scotland. mild and windy. hello, this is breakfast, with charlie stayt and naga munchetty. a donald trump visit to the uk is back on. he confirms talks are under way for a trip in the second half of
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the year. good morning. it's friday the 26th january. also this morning: "stop prescribing antibiotics for sore throats." the nhs medicines watchdog tells doctors to use paracetamol instead. bbc presenters agreed
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